Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Hawaii CERT's

Name of Program: Kauai County CERT
Geographic Area: Kauai County
Point of Contact: Robert F Westerman
Title: Kauai Fire Chief
Phone Number: (808) 241-6500
E-mail address:
Website address:
Brief Description: To have a team in each community of our island of Kauai.

Name of Program: Maui County CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)
Geographic Area: Maui County
Point of Contact: Bob Collum
Title: CERT Program Coordinator
Phone Number: (808) 270-7285
E-mail address:
Website address:
Brief Description: The County of Maui program follows the national CERT format utilizing the FEMA training curriculum. It is taught by career Professional fire fighters with the help of others within the community with the technical skills and knowledge needed to effectively instruct students. CERT Teams are set up geographically. Graduates will be knowledgeable in how to protect themselves, their families, their neighborhood, and their community in a mass causality incident or in a major disaster until professional emergency responders can arrive.

Name of Program: Oahu CERT
Geographic Area: Oahu
Point of Contact: Jeffrey K Spencer
Title: CERT/Volunteer Services Coordinator
Phone Number: (808) 723-8960
E-mail address:
Website address:
Brief Description: Our CERT Program augments our exisiting Civil Defense Volunteer Program which was started in April of 1941. We are currently training people in various areas of the community as well as in the business arena.