Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Montana CERT's

Name of Program: Lewis and Clark Tri - County CERT
Geographic Area: LEWIS & CLARK County, HELENA
Point of Contact: Karen Semple
Phone Number: (406) 443-3376
E-mail address:
Website address:
Brief Description: Recent disasters & emergencies; hazard analysis: 1hour Course preview, mitigation, terrorism, community preparedenss and handling threats: 7 hours Basic First Aid: 4 hours Fire safety: 2 hours Light Search & Rescue: 2 hours Disaster Psychology: 2 hours Course review and exam: 2 hours Total Hours: 20 CERT Class taught on Nov. 13, 18 & 25 in the EOC.

Name of Program: CSKT CERT
Geographic Area: Polson, Montana, Lake County
Point of Contact: Bruce Bowman
Phone Number: (406) 443-3376
E-mail address:
Brief Description: Tribal CERT program.

Name of Program: Richland County CERT
Geographic Area: Richland County, Sidney
Point of Contact: Butch Renders
Title: Richland County Emergency Manager
Phone Number: (406) 433-2220
E-mail address:
Brief Description: 20 hour training held 03/04. 54 volunteers completed the training to become CERT certified. The CERT role is being developed by the LEPC. Future plans include two more trainings this year, quarterly meetings of the CERT team, and on-going training opportunities.

Name of Program: Yellowstone County CERT
Geographic Area: Yellowstone County
Point of Contact: Pamela Sanderson
Phone Number: (406) 252-3839
E-mail address:
Brief Description: North Carolina

Name of Program: Custer County
Geographic Area: Custer County, Miles City
Point of Contact: Paul Boulden
Phone Number: (406) 234-1788
E-mail address:

Name of Program: Cascade County - Community Emergency Response Team
Geographic Area: Cascade County
Point of Contact: Jim Adkins
Phone Number: (406) 761-5201
E-mail address:
Website address:
Brief Description: Organized under Cascade County Disaster and Emergency Services, we are available for dispatch to any disaster situation to support emergency services personnel. We provide support to the City/County Health Department for local services such as the annual flu shot clinic and staff the first aid booth during the State Fair. We participate in various community health, wellfare and safety events and provide speakers to civic and social groups.

Name of Program: Musselshell County CERT
Geographic Area: Musselshell County
Point of Contact: Janet Franson
Phone Number: (406) 323-2273
E-mail address:
Brief Description: The Mission of Musselshell County CERT Program is to engage the abilities of individuals through education, training, and volunteer service to make our communities safer, stronger, and better prepared to respond to the threats of terrorism, crime, public health issues, and disasters of all kinds. The Goals of the Musselshell County CERT Program will be to tailor activities to the community and build on community strengths, to develop and implement a local strategy to have individuals participate through: Personal Responsibility, Training, Volunteer service.

Name of Program: Ravalli County CERT
Geographic Area: Ravalli County
Point of Contact: Shannon Dickerson
Phone Number: (406) 375-6670
E-mail address:

Name of Program: Butte-Silver Bow CERT
Geographic Area: City and County of Butte-Silver Bow
Point of Contact: Roger Ebner
Phone Number: (406) 497-6295
E-mail address: