Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

U.S. Virgin Islands CERT's

Name of Program: VI CERT
Geographic Area: U. S. Virgin Islands
Point of Contact: Debra D Gaines
Phone Number: (340) 773-2244
E-mail address:
Brief Description: The Virgin Islands Territorial Citizen Corps Council, the St. Thomas, St. John and Water Island District Council and the St. Croix District Council were established in December 2002. Each council consists of 14 members with the purpose of having all decision makers at the table simultaneously to manage volunteer resources, leverage mutually supportive endeavors and direct the overall local plans to implement the Citizen Corps Council and CERT programs in the community. A vigorous campaign for recruiting has been launched and will continue until volunteer needs are met. Membership is climbing and is expected to double before January 2004. To date, the Virgin Islands have graduated 79 citizens from the CERT program. Many of these graduates are eager to stay active in CERT, continue to serve the community and be ready to respond to emergencies or disasters. The Virgin Islands have developed a CERT brochure, Citizen Corps Council application, CERT volunteer handbook and a CERT hold-harmless agreement document. The Virgin Islands have 25 FEMA certified CERT trainers, but only 10 are active in our CERT training activities. Vermont