Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

South Dakota CERT's

Name of Program: Edmunds County CERT
Geographic Area: Entire county of Edmunds
Point of Contact: Leland N Treichel
Title: Program Director
Phone Number: (605) 287-4394
E-mail address:

Name of Program: Davison County CERT
Geographic Area: Davison County
Point of Contact: Allan C Miller
Title: Director
Phone Number: (605) 995-8640
E-mail address:

Name of Program: Day County CERT
Geographic Area: Day County, Webster
Point of Contact: Barry Hillestad
Title: Day County Emergency Manager
Phone Number: (605) 345-3222
E-mail address:

Name of Program: Grant County CERT
Geographic Area: Grant County, Milbank
Point of Contact: Sheryl I Mogard
Title: EM Director
Phone Number: (605) 432-1489
E-mail address:

Name of Program: Hamlin County CERT
Geographic Area: Hamlin County, Estelline
Point of Contact: Jeff Nystrom
Title: n/a
Phone Number: (605) 690-1818
E-mail address:

Name of Program: Sioux Falls CERT
Geographic Area: Minnehaha County, Sioux Falls
Point of Contact: Dan Schneider
Title: n/a
Phone Number: (605) 367-4619
E-mail address:
Website address:
Brief Description: We have had a CERT program since November 1999. We have trained about 225 people with a retainage of about 200. Sioux Falls Fire Rescue is the sponsoring agency with much support from Minnehaha County Emergency Management. We have 9 teams right now with a goal of 40 teams and 1,000 members.

Name of Program: Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate CERT Program
Geographic Area: Roberts County, Agency Village
Point of Contact: Elias Mendoza
Title: Emergency Manager
Phone Number: (605) 698-4972
E-mail address:
Brief Description: The Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate (SWO)is located with the Lake Traverse Rerservation, in northeast SD, the boundaries encompass approximately 918,779 acres. The SWO CERT Program continues to grow. The tribe is working to incorportate the CERT within the 7 districts of the Lake Traverse Reservation and Casinos. Approx. 4952 live on or near the res. The team's objectives are to establish a program that educates the Oyate about hazards on the res, provide training in basic lifesaving skills, assist professionals who may need help in an emergency. Disaster drills will be developed and implemented in all the districts.

Name of Program: Spink County CERT
Geographic Area: Spink County, Redfield
Point of Contact: Randy Maddox
Title: Spink County Emergency Manager
Phone Number: (605) 472-0750
E-mail address:

Name of Program: Turner County CERT
Geographic Area: Turner County, Hurley
Point of Contact: Robin Hanten
Title: n/a
Phone Number: (605) 327-3214
E-mail address:

Name of Program: Union County CERT
Geographic Area: Union County, Alcester
Point of Contact: Vickie Larsen
Title: Program Manager
Phone Number: (605) 356-2351
E-mail address:

Name of Program: Yankton County CERT
Geographic Area: Yankton County
Point of Contact: Jeremy Dangel
Title: Emergency Manager
Phone Number: (605) 668-5289
E-mail address:

Name of Program: Hand County CERT Program
Geographic Area: Hand County, Miller
Point of Contact: Brian Duxbury
Title: n/a
Phone Number: (605) 853-2408
E-mail address:
Brief Description: Completed CERT classes September 15th, with 20 people completing the course. About half of these people are part of a responding team: firemen, hospital staff, law enforcement, and EMTs. A Medical Corp. is in the planning stage, and will hopefully be put together in 2006. The next scheduled CERT courses for the county will be in January and February.

Name of Program: Brookings County CERT
Geographic Area: Brookings
Point of Contact: Dave Swisher
Title: Deputy Director
Phone Number: (605) 692-5212
E-mail address:
Website address:
Brief Description: Brookings County CERT encompasses all communities within Brookings County and even neighboring areas. The Brookings County Commissioners have also approved for County employees to take the training. The first of those trainings will have their simulation and graduation the end of August. The next training is already scheduled for September will all County Highway workers, along with the City of Brookings Street Department attending. Due to our continuous growth, our program has gone to a quarterly newsletter called 'the CERT update' where a calendar of events, along with different articles are included to keep everyone informed. There are monthly meetings, along with additional refresher training and once a quarter there are drills for the teams. The growth of our program is tremedous and the enthusiasm has become contagious!

Name of Program: Brown County CERT
Geographic Area: Brown County
Point of Contact: Freddie Robinson
Title: n/a
Phone Number: (605) 626-7122
E-mail address:

Name of Program: Buffalo County CERT
Geographic Area: Buffalo County, Chamberlain
Point of Contact: Katheryn Benton
Title: Brule/Buffalo Emergency Manager
Phone Number: (605) 234-3433
E-mail address:

Name of Program: Codington County CERT
Geographic Area: Codington County, Watertown
Point of Contact: James A Sutton
Title: Emergency Management Director
Phone Number: (605) 882-6272
E-mail address:

Name of Program: South Dakota State CERT Program Manager
Geographic Area: Hughes County, Pierre
Point of Contact: Doug Hinkle
Phone Number: (605) 773-3231
E-mail address:
Website address:

Name of Program: Hyde County CERT Program
Geographic Area: Hyde County, Highmore
Point of Contact: Roger Buchholz
Title: Hyde County Emergency Manager
Phone Number: (605) 852-2549
E-mail address:
Brief Description: We have just started training our CERT volunteers. We expect to use our CERT people to help out during times of emergencies and also as a community and neighborhood safety group to look out for others who might need their help.

Name of Program: Lake County CERT
Geographic Area: Lake County, Madison
Point of Contact: Donald E Thomson
Title: EMA Director
Phone Number: (605) 256-7611
E-mail address:
Brief Description: The Lake County Search and Rescue will work as mentors to start the program as support element in natural or technological disasters. Training will include citizens from 5 communities and one University and have a progressive training program that will occur revolve around a yearly program that will allow new members to join at anytime in the training cycle.

Name of Program: Sturgis VIPS-Volunteers In Public Safety
Geographic Area: Meade County, Sturgis SD & surrounding area
Point of Contact: Branden Bestgen
Phone Number: (605) 347-5070
E-mail address:
Website address:
Brief Description: Sturgis Volunteers In Public Safety has taken the core CERT program and added a variety of other duties available to members to help keep their interest in the group strong. In addition to the CERT training and duties, some of the other opportunities available include traffic and crowd control during parades, community events and emergencies; assisting with prisoner and juvenile transports; assisting with office duties such as records management; working with youth and families experiencing difficulties and problems at school, at home, and in the community; working with local businesses and neighbors developing pro-active crime-prevention measures; gathering important information on Alzheimer?s patients and other individuals with medical conditions that may help EMS in the event of an emergency; establishing a victim assistance team; additional assistance during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and a large variety of other duties.