Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Wisconsin CERT's

Name of Program: Dodge County Citizen Corps Volunteer Response Team
Geographic Area: Dodge County, Juneau
Point of Contact: Jennifer Warmke
Title: Program Assistant
Phone Number: (920) 386-3993
E-mail address:
Website address:
Brief Description: The Dodge County Citizen Corps Volunteer Response Team consists of over 70 members representing various agencies and volunteer organizations. All members receive on-going training and are utilized for public education, outreach to neighboring communities and counties, educational programs, programming and distribution of NOAA radios, training exercises, and in disaster situations. We understand that not all CERT participants wish to engage in additional activities outside of learning how to care for themselves and their immediate family in the event of a disaster. Therefore, we encourage all CERT participants to join the Dodge County Citizen Corps Council if they wish to be activated in the event of a determined need. To obtain more information or become a member of the Dodge County Citizen Corps Council, simply log onto our website at and click on the Citizen Corps link. The link will provide you with answers to frequently asked questions, information on related programs and an opportunity to complete a Volunteer Application Form.

Name of Program: Door County CERT
Geographic Area: Door County, Sturgeon Bay
Point of Contact: Ann DeMeuse
Title: n/a
Phone Number: (920) 746-7101
E-mail address:
Brief Description: CERT training being offered in Door County, WI. May 21 from 5-9 PM, Saturday, May 22 and Sunday May 23 from 8 AM until 5 PM. If interested, call 920-746-7101. CERT team development is ongoing.

Name of Program: Ho-Chunk Nation
Geographic Area: Jackson, Juneau, Wood, Sauk and Monroe, Black River Falls
Point of Contact:
Title: n/a
Phone Number: (715) 284-5877
E-mail address:
Brief Description: To provide emergency resources to a rural tribal nation in the event of a natural or civil disaster. CERT (TERT)provides a trained cadre of community residents to assist tribal communities and businesses of the Ho-Chunk Nation in the event of disaster that overwhelms local units of governments.

Name of Program: Citizen Corps of Milwaukee County CERT
Geographic Area: Milwaukee County
Point of Contact: Steve Hutson
Title: n/a
Phone Number: (414) 475-4025
E-mail address:
Brief Description: CERT training offered on a regular basis at the Volunteer and Training Center of Citizen Corps of Milwaukee County. Visit our website for upcoming classes.

Name of Program: Community Emergency Response Team Training
Geographic Area: Price County
Point of Contact: Nate Nez
Title: n/a
Phone Number: (715) 339-2663
E-mail address:
Brief Description: Price County conducted a Basic CERT training course in Phillips, Wisconsin, in April 2003. Sixteen community members completed the training. Price County will be conducting its next Basic CERT course in October 2003.

Name of Program: De Pere Police Explorers
Geographic Area: Brown County, De Pere Wisconsin
Point of Contact: Officer Dennis Gladwell
Title: n/a
Phone Number: (920) 339-8070
E-mail address:
Brief Description: The De Pere police explorer post #9456 competed CERT Training at the De Pere Police Department. The CERT Team has 15 individuals prepared and ready to assist the City of De Pere and Brown County Emergency Management in case of an emeregency. The CERT Team training was funded by Brown County Emergency Management.

Name of Program: CERT
Geographic Area: Wisconsin
Point of Contact: Margie Welsh
Title: n/a
Phone Number: (608) 242-3222
E-mail address:
Brief Description: Wisconsin Emergency Management has funding available for CERT training within the State of Wisconsin. For more information contact your County Emergency Management Director. West Virginia