NTIS partners with leaders in the e-Training community to bring you innovative solutions for your
training needs.

With a simple Memorandum of Agreement or Interagency Agreement, our clients can engage NTIS and our partners to gain access to all services associated with the project management, development and operation of learning management systems. Using a collaborative team approach we provide our clients with the next generation in technology, skills, tools and resources to meet each of their specific requirements. From speed to proficiency to competency management and from system design and deployment to return on investment support, NTIS provides our clients the following and more:

  • Learning and Knowledge Management Consulting Services
  • Enterprise Assessment and Strategic Planning
  • System Integration Support Services
  • Content Development Service
  • Learning Management Systems and Service
  • EHRI Guidance and Coordination  

OPM Approved e-Training Service Provider

NTIS has supplied high-volume e-Training infrastructure and content to Federal Agencies since 1998.  We take pride in being a responsive and responsible organization with a unique difference — statutory authority to enter into business arrangements (15USC.7704B).

Under this authority we entered into joint venture partnerships with several e-Training industry leaders to give Federal agencies a choice from a variety innovative solutions and programs. 

Simply by engaging NTIS with a memorandum of agreement you can:

  • Find diverse choices.  Our joint venture partnership offers a variety of expertise in every aspect of e-Training solutions.
  • Select the best solution. Our partners can collaborate to provide the best mix of technology, content, evaluation, tracking, graphics, design and solutions to meet your unique training needs and agency requirements. 
  • Be on the front burner.  Our information technology department is dedicated to your e-training needs.  Your project IS our priority.
  • Eliminate the hassle. Our program managers provide all the invoice management and reporting so you can focus on your e-Training mission -         full time.
  • Enjoy peace of mind:  We employ a unique combination of multiple hardware and software to insure the utmost security in our Virtual Private Network (VPN) environments. This use of “non-typical” equipment serves to discourage potential threats from “hackers” and the potential for hacking is further eliminated through our stringent control and monitoring procedures.


Together, our partnerships and expertise offers a sophisticated suite of services:

  • Distant Learning and Knowledge Management Solutions
    • Design
    • Development
    • Implementation
  • Interactive Multimedia Instruction
  • Course Evaluation, Needs Analysis
  • Survey and Capture Job Tasks for Curriculum Development and Test Creation
  • Evaluation from Reaction Level 1 to Organizational Impact Level 4.
  • Return on Investment data
  • Secure Government Agency Web-Hosting and Web Services
    • Dedicated technical support
    • Web-Based Training Technologies
    • Web Conferencing
    • Help Desk Support – Levels 1, 2, 3
  • Registration, Tracking and Reporting             (EHRI compatibility and support)
  • Program Management
  • Financial Management and Reporting

For a full list of authorized NTIS Joint Venture Partners, go to Partnerships.


Getting started:

For more information or to request a sample MOU, write to etrain@ntis.gov or call 703-605-6800.

NTIS is mandated by Congress to operate on a self-sustaining basis by charging appropriate fees for access to and use of its information products.