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Approved Oncology Drugs

List of Approved Oncology Drugs with Approved Indications This list is provided for historical purposes only. It is not a complete list, and is no longer being maintained. For current approval information, please see Drugs@FDA. For information on cancer drugs, please see the National Cancer Institute's Drug Information Summaries. For consumer-friendly information on various types of cancer, please see MedlinePlus from the National Institutes of Health. Current Drug approval and other information from FDA's Office of Oncology can be found at the Office's What's New page.

Index of Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee Meetings   search by meeting date, drug, applicant or indication
Summary Statistics for Oncology Drug Approvals  
What is a Drug Used for? Covers drugs that have FDA-approved uses; off-label uses of drugs are not included.
What Drugs are Used to Treat a Disease?  Select a specific type of cancer and view approved drugs for that disease.
What are the Pediatric Uses of a Drug?
Fast Track, Priority Review and Accelerated Approval (Subpart H)  What these terms mean and how they are used in the approval process
Access to Unapproved Products  Several options are presented.

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