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Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN): Scope of Activities

Core Services
Priority Areas (Use Cases)

In addition to core HIE services, the American Health Information Community (AHIC) work groups recommended a series of topics for uses cases that represent priority areas for the NHIN to advances.

The four NHIN Prototype Architectures were included core services and three AHIC priority areas/use cases:

  • Consumer Empowerment - Registration and Medication History
  • Electronic Health Record - Laboratory Result Reporting
  • Biosurveillance - � Connecting Clinical Care to Public Health

The NHIN Trial Implementations will each implement the core services and several new AHIC priority areas/use cases shaped the scope of the NHIN:

  • Emergency Responder-Electronic Health Record
  • Consumer Empowerment-Consumer Access to Clinical Information
  • Medication Management
  • Quality
  • Personalized Healthcare
  • Public Health Case Reporting
  • Response Management
  • Remote Consultation
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Referrals and Transfer of Care

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The ONC-Coordinated
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Personal Experiences

"We have hospitals in Afghanistan and Iraq, and many of the soldiers would arrive without records in Germany, with no record of the CAT scans or what happened in surgery in Afghanistan or Iraq. The clinicians in Germany would have to re-operate on the patient, would have to redo all their x-ray evaluations, CAT scans, etc...." ~ Colonel John Holcomb

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