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New web conference!
Excellence and Equity- Then, Now, Next: Education and the Public Dimension of Museums

Sponsored in part by MetLife Foundation

November 6, 2008

Next generation museum leaders join veteran museum leaders in this lively, thought-provoking discussion about how far we have (or haven’t) come in addressing and advocating for the museum’s role as an educational institution.

Register today for this two-part web conference that explores the important public dimension of museums through the lens of AAM’s newly reprinted publication, Excellence and Equity: Education and the Public Dimension of Museums.

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Resources And Donations For Museums Affected By IKE

There is help available for museums affected by Hurricane Ike. The Heritage Emergency National Task Force, of which AAM is a member, is collecting information on damage to cultural resources resulting from the storm.

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Congress Holds Hearing on the Role of Museums and Libraries Strengthening Communities

On Thursday, September 11, the House Committee on Education and Labor Healthy Families and Communities Subcommittee held a hearing examining how museums and libraries help to strengthen communities. The subcommittee heard from museum and library witnesses from Arizona, Pennsylvania and Minnesota and the Director of the Institute of Museum and Library Services, Dr. Anne-Imelda M. Radice.

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Now Available! Recorded Webinar & Online Resources on-demand
The New Tax Form 990: Why You Should Care
In collaboration with the AAM Museum Management Committee (MMC), AAM
Information Center and LearningTimes.

As un-sexy as it sounds, the new Tax Form 990 has major implications for museums as public institutions! Join this important and timely recorded webinar to get a better grip on what the form means, how to implement it and how to make it work for you.

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