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Introduction If you are outside the United States or are thinking about moving from the United States to another country, the information on this site explains how your Social Security payments may be affected. It explains what types of events you need to report and how to report to us so we can make sure you receive all the Social Security payments you are entitled to receive. You can also learn how to conduct Social Security business while outside the United States.  
Payments Abroad Screening Tool

This section contains a Payments Abroad Screening Tool. You answer a few short questions, "yes" or "no" and click on a list of countries or locations that you intend to move to, then click on a list of countries that reflect your citizenship. You will learn if your Social Security Retirement or Disability payments will continue or stop if you leave the U.S. for six consecutive months or more. (The tool does not interface with any personal records in any of the SSA systems.)

Additional Residency Requirements for Dependents and Survivors

Look here if you receive benefits as a dependent or survivor of the worker as there are special requirements that may affect your right to receive Social Security payments while you are outside the United States.

How to Contact Social Security

Check here for information about how to contact Social Security, how to report events which may affect payments and which office to contact for services.
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Last reviewed or modified Wednesday Mar 19, 2008
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