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County and City Data Book: 2007

Essential data for any economic development official, regional planner, and urban researcher.

NTIS Order Number: PB2008-105137
pointer Price: $69 (Price outside the U.S., Canada and Mexico $138)

The 14th edition of the County and City Data Book is the most comprehensive source of information about the individual counties and cities in the United States.

The County and City Data Book is a companion report to the Statistical Abstract of the United States and State and Metropolitan Area Data Book. It is a valuable addition for any academic and public library and essential for economic development officials, regional planners, and urban researchers.

This edition includes:

More than 175 data items for all states and the nation’s 3,141 counties.
Approximately 80 data items for 1,265 incorporated places with populations of 25,000 or more.
Nearly 80 additional items from the 2005 American Community Survey for 242 incorporated places with populations of 100,000 or more.
2006 population estimates for all states and counties.
A complete list of metropolitan areas and their component counties with 2006 population estimates.
A complete set of state maps showing all counties and incorporated places with populations of 25,000 or more.

Information in the County and City Data Book covers the following topical areas: age, agriculture, births, business establishments, climate, construction, crime, deaths, earnings, education, elections, employment, finance, government, health, households, housing, income, labor force, manufactures, population, poverty, race and Hispanic origin, social services, and water use.