Subject Coverage of the NTIS Collection

NTIS annually receives tens of thousands of new publications, technical reports, and other products. These come from hundreds of government agencies and other organizations. The list below shows the number of items received by topic.

Topic Received during
Fiscal Year 2007
Administration and Management 3,798
Aeronautics and Aerodynamics 1,346
Agriculture and Food 862
Astronomy and Astrophysics 591
Atmospheric Sciences 520
Behavior and Society 6,827
Biomedical Technology and Human Factors Engineering 824
Building Industry Technology 513
Business and Economics 3,136
Chemistry 2265
Civil Engineering 1124
Combustion, Engines, and Propellants 761
Communication 1,935
Computers, Control, and Information Theory 4,577
Detection and Countermeasures 1,100
Electrotechnology 1,493
Energy 2,736
Environmental Pollution and Control 3,243
Government Inventions for Licensing 3,957
Health Care 1,346
Industrial and Mechanical Engineering 981
Library and Information Sciences 1,464
Manufacturing Technology 976
Materials Sciences 2,089
Military Sciences 5,165
Missile Technology 90
Natural Resources and Earth Sciences 2,942
Navigation, Guidance, and Control 198
Nuclear Science and Technology 1,608
Ocean Sciences and Technology 1,213
Ordnance 727
Photography and Recording Devices 179
Physics 5,276
Problem-Solving Information for State and Local Governments 2,221
Space Technology 973
Transportation 1,996
Urban and Regional Technology and Development 2,669