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Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS)


The Office of Thrift Supervision, successor to the Federal Home Loan Bank Board, is responsible for chartering and supervising the thrift industry. The Office of Supervisory Operations (SO) studies the financial marketplace in order to advise on regulating policies. Such information is vital in understanding how regulation affects the thrift industry. SO is also responsible for making available to the public financial data reported quarterly by thrift institutions on its state of condition and operations.

OTS data available from NTIS:


Branch Office Deposit Report for SAIF-Insured (Formerly FSLIC) Thrift Institutions
Deposit data are provided for individual thrift home and branch offices of SAIF-insured thrift institutions. Branch data are reported by location of facility, with street address, county, city, state and zip code. File presents county, state and MSA codes as per OMB FIPS definitions.

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Thrift Financial Reports
Detailed assets, liabilities, and net worth as of the end of March, June, September and December and detailed income and expense data covering the preceding 3 months. Data are available beginning March 1987 and are reported for the institution as a whole. For geographic reports, note that data are reported on the basis of home office location. Quarterly reports include data for FSLIC-insured savings and loan associations, SAIF-insured savings banks and FDIC-insured federally-chartered savings banks.

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Thrift Merger History

This data file consists of Federal Home Loan Bank members that have either merged into other member institutions or withdrawn from membership (including liquidation). Records are for disappearing institutions, giving identification as to date and type of merger and data concerning gaining institution if by merger. Merger record includes the ultimate (latest gaining) docket number. This is a quarterly updated cumulative file beginning June 1960 and related to the Thrift Financial Report tapes.

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