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Keyboard Commands

Reviewed: 12/12/2006
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Screen Reader Navigation


The information in the charts below will help you navigate through our web pages without a mouse.

Caution: Some selections may not work with every Internet browser. For example, if you use Netscape 4.08, we know you can't use the arrow key to select radio buttons.

IF you want to ... THEN select...
Move forward from link to link or to controls Tab
Move backward from link to link or to controls Shift + Tab
Select buttons Space Bar
Navigate and select Radio Buttons Arrow
Select/deselect boxes Spacebar
Move from box to box Tab
Open a List Box ALT + Down arrow
Read the prior screen CTRL + Page Up
Read the next screen CTRL + Page Down
Go to the top of the page CTRL + Home
Go to the bottom of the page CTRL + End
Close the current window (in Internet Explorer)

Caution: You can use the following selections to navigate through our web pages but you cannot use them in our Online Claims & Services pages.

IF you want to ... THEN select...
Refresh the screen F5
Go back a page ALT + Left Arrow
Go forward a page ALT + Right Arrow
Navigate to & select the text in the address combo box

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Last reviewed or modified Monday Jan 14, 2008
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