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Industry Trade Advisory Committee
Committee of Chairs
ITAC 01 - Aerospace Equipment
Mr. Gregory Dole
Director, Commercial Trade Policy
The Boeing Company

ITAC 02 - Automotive Equipment and Capital Goods
Mr. Brian Petty
Senior Vice President, Goverment Affairs
International Association of Drilling Contractors

ITAC 03 - Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Health Science Products and Services
Mr. V. M. (Jim) DeLisi
Fanwood Chemical, Inc.

ITAC 04 - Consumer Goods
Mr. Timothy Hoelter
Vice President, Government Affairs
Harley-Davidson Motor Company

ITAC 05 - Distribution Services
Mr. Richard Holwill
Vice President, Public Policy
Alticor, Inc.

ITAC 06 - Energy and Energy Services
Mr. John Easton, Jr.
Vice President, International Programs
Edison Electric Institute

ITAC 07 - Forest Products
Ms. Ann Barbara Wrobleski
Vice President
International Paper Company

ITAC 08 - Information and Communications Technologies, Services, and Electronic Commerce
Mr. Steven Stewart
Director, Public Affairs
IBM Corporation

ITAC 09 - Non-Ferrous Metals and Building Materials
Joseph Mayer, Esq.
President and General Counsel
Copper & Brass Fabricators Council, Inc.
ITAC 10 - Services and Finance Industries
Mr. J. Robert Vastine, Jr.
U.S. Coalition of Service Industries

ITAC 11 - Small and Minority Business
Mr. George Keller
Customs Advisory Services, Inc.

ITAC 12 - Steel
Mr. William Pendleton
Director, Trade Policy
Specialty Steel Industry
of North America

ITAC 13 - Textiles and Clothing
Mr. Stephen Lamar
Senior Vice President
American Apparel & Footwear Association

ITAC 14 - Customs Matters and Trade Facilitation
Mr. James Clawson
President and Chief Executive Officer
JBC International

ITAC 15 - Intellectual Property Rights
Mr. Eric Smith
International Intellectual Property Alliance

ITAC 16 - Standards and Technical Trade Barriers
Mr. Wayne Morris
Vice President, Division Services
Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers