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The GPO Oberserves International Printing Week

Black History Month is celebrated annually in February. It is a time reserved for all of us to reflect on the many contributions African-Americans have made to the American way of life. The following publications, available for sale from the Government Printing Office, highlight some of the important events involving African-Americans throughout the course of our history.

Patriots of Color: 'A Peculiar Beauty and Merit', African Americans and Native Americans at Battle Road & Bunker Hill

Publisher: Interior Dept., National Park Service, Division of Cultural Resources, Boston National Historical Park

Description: Describes the significant part played by blacks and Native Americans at the beginning of the American Revolution.

Year/Pages: 2005: 268 p.; ill.

Price: $22.00 Add To Cart

John Brown's Raid

Publisher: Interior Dept., National Park Service, Office of Publications

Description: Tells the story of John Brown's raid on the armory at Harper's Ferry, West Virginia in 1859, including events leading up to the raid and its aftermath. Also contains a brief biography of John Brown, and an eyewitness account of his capture. This publication may also be purchased at $247.00 per 100 copies when mailed to one address.

Year/Pages: 1973: 76 p.; ill. 1990-repr.

Price: $9.00 Add To Cart

Underground Railroad

Publisher: Interior Dept., National Park Service, Division of Publications

Description: Describes the many ways that blacks took to escape slavery in the southern United States before Civil War. This handbook draws together court records, buildings, letters, and memories as well as the research of historians. This publication may also be purchased at $262.00 per 100 copies when mailed to one address.

Year/Pages: 1997: 88 p.; ill.

Price: $10.00 Add To Cart

Underground Railroad: Official Map and Guide (Folder)

Publisher: Interior Dept., National Park Service

Description: Provides a brief history of Slavery in America from 1450 to 1865 and describes how slaves were brought to freedom through the Underground Railroad. This publication may also be purchased at $67.00 per 100 copies when mailed to one address.

Year/Pages: 1996: Folder; ill.

Price: $2.25 Add To Cart

Separate and Unequal: Race Relations in the AAF During World War 2

Publisher: Defense Dept., Air Force, Air Force History and Museums Program

Description: Describes relations between white and black Americans in the Army Air Forces during World War II. Through confrontation with black and white liberal groups, the Army Air Forces learned that active commitment, vital leadership, and equal opportunity produced a more viable military organization than segregation and unequal treatment.

Year/Pages: 2004: 60 p.; ill.

Price: $1.50 Add To Cart

Long Passage to Korea: Black Sailors and the Integration of the United States Navy

Publisher: Defense Dept., Navy, Naval Historical Center

Description: Covers the contribution of African-American sailors in the Korean War conflict. Recounts the African-American Struggle to achieve equal treatment and opportunity in the Navy, especially during and after the Second World War. It explores the changes in society, politics, and necessities of war that persuaded the Navy to amend its racial policies to include African-Americans in open enlisted ratings and the general line officer corps.

Year/Pages: 2003: 56 p.; ill.

Price: $2.25 Add To Cart

Black Soldier/White Army: The 24th Infantry Regiment in Korea (Clothbound Edition)

Publisher: Defense Dept., Army, Center of Military History

Description: Analyzes the operations of the all-black 24th Infantry during the Korean War to determine how well the unit and its associated engineers and artillery unit performed, and whether deficiencies occurred. Seeks their military causes and looks at how those influences and events intersected with the racial prejudices prevalent at that time. Additionally, this publication gives a brief history of the service of black soldiers in the Civil War and World War I.

Year/Pages: 1996: 312 p.; ill.

Price: $4.00 Add To Cart

Pride, Progress, and Prospects: The Marine Corps' Efforts to Increase the Presence of African-American Officers (1970-1995)

Publisher: Defense Dept., Navy, Marine Corps, History and Museums Division

Description: Presents an account of the Marine Corps' efforts in the last three decades to increase the presence of African-Americans within its officer ranks.

Year/Pages: 2000: 64 p.; ill.

Price: $3.80 Add To Cart

Women in Congress, 1917-2006 (Clothbound)

Publisher: House, Committee on House Administration, Office of the Clerk

Description: Provides the most comprehensive source available on the 229 women, including African American women, who have served in U.S. House of Representatives and Senate from the first woman elected to Congress, Jeannette Rankin of Montana, to the members of the 109th Congress. Covers the breadth of the story of congressional women. Includes photographs.

Year/Pages: 2006: 1015 p.; ill.

Price: $59.00 Add To Cart

Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, 1774-2005

Publisher: Congress, Joint Committee on Printing

Description: The Continental Congress, September 5, 1774 to October 21, 1788 and the Congress of the United States, From the First to the One Hundred Eighth Congresses, March 4, 1789 to January 3, 2005, Inclusive. Closing date of compilation, January 3, 2005. Includes biographies of every one, including African Americans and Latinos serving in the Continental Congress or the U.S. Congress from 1774-2004.

Year/Pages: 2005: 2236 p.

Price: $99.00 Add To Cart

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