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Service to the Scientific Community

NIEHS scientists and staff engage in a variety of activities that impact Global Environmental Health such as serving on international scientific review panels and policy committees, and contributing to the GEH initiatives of NIH. This page highlights a selection of these activities that took place during 2006-2008.

Advisory Work


  • Kenneth Korach
    Scientific Advisor Board for Prince Henry's Institute, Monash University, Melbourne Australia


  • Retha Newbold
    Scientific Advisory Board of DES Action International


  • Samuel Wilson
    Scientific Advisory Board to the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel


  • Samuel Wilson
    Scientific Advisory Board to the Radiation Effects Research Foundation, Hiroshima, Japan


  • William Stokes
    European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods (ECVAM) Scientific Advisory Committee (ESAC)

Scientific Society Membership


  • Jean Harry
    Council of the International Neurotoxicity Society

  • John Drake
    President of the International Genetics Federation

  • Ron Herbert
    Global Editorial Steering Committee of the North American Society of Toxicologic Pathologists

GEH Training Activities


  • Kenneth Olden
    Honorary Chair of the 2006 Risk Assessment and Quality Assurance Training Workshop sponsored by the African Society of Toxicological Sciences, Limbe, Cameroon, October 21-28, 2006

Czech Republic

  • Donna Baird
    Taught course on implantation for the European Society of Human Reproduction, Prague, June, 2006


  • June Dunnick
    Co-organizer of a Training Workshop on Methods and Guidelines for the Development of Mutation Databases in Cancer, sponsored by International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyon, France, July 9-10, 2007


  • Ron Herbert
    Presented a series of training lectures at the International Institute for Biotechnology and Toxicology Meeting, Chennai, India, January 15-19, 2007


  • Shyamal Peddada
    Visiting Professor at University of Valladolid, Valladolid, Spain

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Working Group Participation


  • Po-Chuen Chan
    Working Group in assessing the carcinogenicity of ingested nitrate and nitrite, and the cyanobacteria peptide toxins microcystin-LR and nodularins


  • Christopher Portier
    IARC Advisory Group on Planning Volume 100 of the IARC Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risk to Humans Agents
    IARC Advisory Group tasked with rewriting the preamble to the IARC Monograph Series

  • Dori Germolec
    Author, Environmental Health Criteria Document on the contribution of Environmental Factors to Autoimmune Disease World Health Organization Center for Autoimmunity in Bilthoven, Netherlands

  • Fred Miller
    The International Myositis Collaborative Study Group; Steering committee of the International Myositis Classification Criteria Project to develop new classification criteria for myositis and its subgroups; International Myositis Assessment and Clinical Study Group

  • Paul Foster
    Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development peer review group for evaluation of the Hershberger assay test guideline

  • Raymond Tice
    International Comet Assay Validation Study Management Team

  • Retha Newbold
    International Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Endocrine Disruptor Working Group ICCVAM Endocrine Disruptor Working Group

  • Ron Herbert
    International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) Working Group to assess the potential carcinogenicity of 60 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and several occupational exposures involving coal-derived polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

  • William Jameson
    National Toxicology Program representative to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) Working Group meeting to review the cancer data for carbon black, titanium dioxide, and non-asbestiform talc

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