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    The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence fights the stigma and the disease of alcoholism and other drug addictions.
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How Are Alcohol and Drugs Affecting Your Life?

A Self-Test For Teenagers

1. Do you use alcohol or other drugs to build self-confidence?
2. Do you ever drink or get high immediately after you have a problem at home or at school?
3. Have you ever missed school due to alcohol or other drugs?
4. Does it bother you if someone says that you use too much alcohol or other drugs?
5. Have you started hanging out with a heavy drinking or drug using crowd?
6. Are alcohol or other drugs affecting your reputation?
7. Do you feel guilty or bummed out after using alcohol or other drugs?
8. Do you feel more at ease on a date when drinking or using other drugs?
9. Have you gotten into trouble at home for using alcohol or other drugs?
10. Do you borrow money or "do without" other things to buy alcohol and other drugs?
11. Do you feel a sense of power when you use alcohol or other drugs?
12. Have you lost friends since you started using alcohol or other drugs?
13. Do your friends use less alcohol or other drugs than you do?
14. Do you drink or use other drugs until your supply is all gone?
15. Do you ever wake up and wonder what happened the night before?
16. Have you ever been busted or hospitalized due to alcohol or use of illicit drugs?
17. Do you "turn off" any studies or lectures about alcohol or illicit drug use?
18. Do you think you have a problem with alcohol or other drugs?
19. Has there ever been someone in your family with a drinking or other drug problem?
20. Could you have a problem with alcohol or other drugs?

Purchase or public possession of alcohol is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 everywhere in the United States. Aside from the fact that you may be breaking the law by using alcohol and/or illicit drugs, if you answer "yes" to any three of the above questions, you may be at risk for developing alcoholism and/or dependence on another drug. If you answer "yes" to five of these questions, you should seek professional help immediately. Contact one of our Affiliates who will be able to help you or call our HOPE LINE at 800-NCA-CALL using a touch tone phone.

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