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American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA)

The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA), acting as an information conduit between Motor Vehicle Administrations (MVAs) and SSA, submits data electronically to SSA when a person either applies for a driver's license or applies to vote (based on the Help America Vote Act of 2002). In return SSA provides SSN verification for voter registration, driver's licenses and applicants for a MVA issued identification card. AAMVA, in turn, forwards the results to the requesting MVAs. SSA provides this data under written agreements between SSA and AAMVA and SSA and the requesting state MVA.

Internet-Electronic Death Registration (I-EDR)

IEDR is a web-based application designed to allow a State's Bureau of Vital Statistics to verify decedent Social Security numbers using the internet. These jurisdictions provide SSA with notification of deceased persons, enabling SSA to timely administer programs for beneficiaries of decedents.

SSA Access to State Records Online (SASRO)

A special arrangement to provide SSA field office personnel with direct electronic access to State records such as human services (TANF/Medicaid/Food Stamps), wage, unemployment, vital statistics (birth/death records), and workers compensation. This provides immediate savings by allowing personnel to remain at their work stations, eliminating time and expense for onsite visits as well as costs for recording, photocopying, etc.

State Online Query (SOLQ)

Under written agreements between SSA and the requesting agency, the State Online Query (SOLQ) allows States' real-time online access to SSA's Social Security Number (SSN) verification service and, if permitted, retrieval of Title 2 and/or Title 16 data.  SOLQ enables State personnel with authorization to rapidly obtain information they need to qualify individuals for programs. For additional process information, agencies should contact their local SSA Regional Office Coordinator.

State Verification Exchange System (SVES)

Under written agreements between SSA and the requesting agency, the State Verification Exchange System (SVES), provides States and some Federal agencies with a standardized method of Social Security Number (SSN) verification and uniform data response for Title 2 and/or Title 16 data. Not all agencies are entitled to all data available via SVES. To address this concern, SSA has four different versions of SVES, which, depending on the data requested and the intended purpose, are available to requesting agencies.

Note: The listed services and connections are not all-inclusive of what is currently available through Social Security Administration.

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