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September is Pain Awareness Month

Let's Talk Pain Coalition Launches!

APF is pleased to announce the collaboration with two other leading pain organizations, the American Academy of Pain Management and the American Society for Pain Management Nursing, in the launching of the Let's Talk Pain Coalition, a first of its kind to unite the perspectives of patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. The core of this work is to encourage people to talk more about pain, listen actively and act in ways that improve care for the millions of people who live with pain. A new interactive website will provide visitors with comprehensive information and tools to help enhance the dialogue between those affected by pain and healthcare professionals. A recent national survey commissioned by the Coalition uncovered the need for improved communication between patients and their physicians. Read more...

APF Enters World of Social Media!

APF is expanding into the online communications world. There will be more soon with the unveiling of our improved website before the year ends, but for now, check out our videos on YouTube, iTunes, mDialogue, and Facebook!

Join Together - Make a Difference!

Pain care advocates across the country are engaging in activities promoting Pain Awareness Month to focus public attention on pain as a national healthcare problem. This is a time for uniting and doubling our efforts to raise awareness about the undertreatment of pain – a time to break down barriers that prevent those living with pain from getting the help they desperately need, and - a time to take action.

Listen to Lois, Glenda, and Vicky, three APF Volunteer Advocates talk about how they make a difference.

See video and hear audio interviews with pain experts on the topic of Pain in the Workplace through APF’s collaboration with Small Business Television (SBTV.com). Scroll down to hear podcasts including A Pain Patient Friendly Workplace, Americans with Disabilities Act: What Employers Need to Know and Pain in the Workplace.

Here are some simple, but powerful ways you can make a difference:

  • Add your voice to the movement working to get national legislation passed. In a few simple steps you can compose and forward a letter to your Congressperson asking them to sign onto pain bills as a sponsor.
  • Join APF’s Power Over Pain advocacy network so that you’ll be in the know about movement on this pain bill as it happens.
  • Visit the September is Pain Awareness Month section of our website to download valuable tools to help with your pain advocacy efforts. You can find information about hosting a Power Over Pain presentation, and reaching out to your local media to raise awareness about the problems with the under treatment of pain. Consider writing an op-ed piece or submitting a letter to the editor of your local paper. Our PAM toolkit contains easy to use templates for media outreach.
  • Check out the Pain Awareness Month planned activities and connect with your POPAN state leader.

If you’ve been thinking about getting involved with this growing movement, today can be the day to make a difference in the lives of 76.5 million Americans suffering from chronic pain. Let us combine our voices and our muscle to demand better access to better pain care!

CLICK HERE for a press release about Pain Awareness Month.
CLICK HERE for a press release about the APF collaboration with SBTV.com and Pain in the Workplace.

New! Spotlight on Fibromyalgia


Fibromyalgia: Getting the Information and Care You Deserve acknowledges that living with chronic widespread pain can be tough. But the more you learn, the better you will feel. There is hope for people with this kind of pain, which may be diagnosed as a condition called fibromyalgia.

APF Board Members Speak About Pain on Health Radio Show

APF Board Members Maggie Buckley and Michael H. Moskowitz, M.D., M.P.H. talk about pain from a patient and provider perspective on Body Language. Body Language is a one-hour program bringing information and empowering consumers to expand the conversation about health and wellness. Click to hear the 14 minute segment: The Undertreatment of Pain in America vs. the War on Drugs and How Real Pain Patients are the Victims.

For more information, read APF's position statement: Call for Balance in Coverage of Prescription Drug Abuse vs Access to Effective Pain Management.

Click here for the full one hour show on pain including discussions about placebos, kids and yoga, and migraines. 

2008 Combined Federal Campaign Begins On September 1st


Federal Employees Can Now Designate APF! Are you a federal employee? If so and you participate in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), the world’s largest annual workplace charity campaign, you can now designate the American Pain Foundation as a recipient of your generosity by listing Designation Code 22290 on your pledge sheet! The registration period for the CFC begins on September 1st and ends December 15th. Your donation will be tax deductible. CFC information and registration forms should be distributed to you by your supervisor or human resource representative.  If you have not participated in the CFC before or simply would like to learn more, visit click here. If you have a family member or friend employed by the federal government, please share this information with them. Thank you in advance for your continued support to the American Pain Foundation!


Fall 2008 Pain Community News Now Available


The Fall 2008 issue of Pain Community News is now posted online. Inside this issue: Intimacy & Pain, Key Barriers to Optimal Pain Care, Fast Facts on Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Healing Power of Pets, Top 10 Tips For Finding Quality Health Information Online, and much more!

Life Love & Health

APF collaborates with Life Love & Health to provide a series of brief messages about pain.  Life Love & Health has become America's most listened to daily health and lifestyle program, reaching millions of listeners via XM, CNN, Fox, ESPN, Sirius, Voice of America, www.HealthRadio.net Internet radio, Public Radio affiliates and Wal-Mart Radio. Listen to our shows now!


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