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Get Involved


We Can!™ provides worksites with opportunities to get involved. Worksites can implement and promote We Can! programming and support local We Can! community sites to help employees, customers, and members of their communities lead healthier lives.

In addition to supporting community sites, worksites and companies can become a We Can! partner. A variety of worksites have already joined the We Can! movement and are using program materials and messages to improve community health.


  • Enrich your human resource efforts or corporate wellness program. If you have already implemented a corporate wellness program, supplement it with We Can! content, resources, and materials.
  • Introduce the We Can! program during a brown bag lunch, company health fair, or company retreat.
  • Offer the We Can! parent program to your employees.

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  • Create a call to action by posting eye-catching educational materials, like We Can! posters and flyers in key worksite locations:
    • Cafeterias and employee lounges
    • Vending machines
    • Fitness facilities and/or locker rooms
    • Employee child care facilities
    • Employee bike racks
  • Send the We Can! animation to employees via email. You can deliver valuable information about nutrition and physical activity directly to your employees’ inbox by including the following link:
  • Show your customers that you care about their health by encouraging them to think about helping children maintain a healthy weight. You can do this by partnering with NIH and We Can! A partnership with We Can! allows you to use the We Can! logo, tagline, and Web address.
  • Add We Can! information to your customer communications materials. Whether you reach out to your customer base online or via mail, you can alert them to the We Can! program by adding information to invoices, newsletters, or advertising circulars.
  • Use content from We Can! matte articles in your employee or client newsletter.

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  • Donate in-kind products or services to local We Can! community sites. This support to sites in your area shows customers that you are making a difference in the community. Some examples of of how companies have supported local sites' efforts include recruiting employees to participate in programs, providing funding for food and supplies, offer facilities for local sites' activities, and local program promotion.
  • Incorporate We Can! into your community health promotion activities. A partnership with We Can! allows you to use We Can! materials in community outreach activities, such as health fairs.

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How Other Worksites Have Incorporated We Can!

  • Wal-Mart promoted We Can! by linking to the We Can! Web site and posting the parent handbook in English and Spanish.
  • Association of Junior Leagues International features We Can! healthy tips on nutrition and physical activity on their Kids in the Kitchen program Web site.
  • Health Monitor featured Keep the Beat recipes in the December issue of their flagship publication and featured Heart Truth in February. They also designed a We Can! promotion that appeared in the Fall issue of their Diet & Digestion publication.
  • Philips Consumer Electronics published a portion control article in their employee newsletter in September that went out to nearly 500 employees in Georgia, Tennessee, Colorado, and Mexico.

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We Can!™ is a trademark of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.