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What's We Can!?

We Can!™ Resources for Health Professionals

Health professionals play a major role in informing their patients and families about the importance of maintaining a healthy weight. We Can! offers materials and resources for health professionals to use with their patients' families to help them adopt healthy lifestyle habits.

In addition, We Can! programs for parents and youth are ongoing in communities across the country. These community sites provide an additional resource for health professionals. Find a community site near you for exciting and educational We Can! program opportunities for your patients.

Read more about additional ways that you can get involved with We Can! as well as other useful resources for your patients' families.


Use the following We Can! resources to make a difference in the lives of your patients' families.

Families Finding the Balance: A Parent Handbook

Health professionals can use this handbook, available in English and Spanish, to educate parents on how they can help their children maintain a healthy weight. It includes information on finding the right balance of eating well and being physically active.

Icon of small book English
Icon of small book Spanish

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Tip Sheets

We Can! collaborated with two of its national partners, The American Academy of Pediatrics and The American Academy of Family Physicians, to develop two tip sheets. These resources provide physicians and other health professionals with information to prevent childhood overweight and obesity.

Icon of small book The Physicians' Role in Preventing Childhood Overweight and Obesity

Icon of small book We Can! Parent Tips: Healthy Families, Healthy Weight (to give to patients)


In addition, We Can! developed the following tip sheets and supplemental tools for parents. Provide these resources to your patients' families to help them plan and prepare healthier meals.

Icon of small book We Can! Parent Tips: Making Healthier Food Choices: This resource presents simple tips to help families plan and prepare meals and snacks to get the most nutrition out of the calories consumed.

Icon of small book We Can! Parent Tips: Healthier Eating While Saving Money: This resource helps families create a food plan that focuses on choosing healthier foods while saving money.

Icon of small book Food Comparison Chart: Families can use this chart to learn how healthier choices can save calories and money.

Icon of small book Grocery List Template: Parents can print this sheet before a shopping trip and use it to help pick healthier items for their family.

Icon of small book Weekly Meal Planner: Families can use this tool each week to help plan healthier meals.


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We Can! Poster - Who Can Make It Happen?

Hanging this poster in health professionals' offices is a great way to promote healthy lifestyles and raise awareness of We Can! programming.

Icon of small book Poster


We Can! Program Brochure - Who Can Make It Happen?  

This informative brochure provides basic information about We Can! and how families can take action to improve their health by maintaining a healthy weight.

Icon of small book Brochure

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