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The mission of the Office of Inspector General (OIG) is to promote economy, efficiency, and effectiveness within GSA and to prevent and detect fraud, waste, and abuse in the agency's programs and operations. In fulfilling this mandate, the OIG conducts and supervises independent and objective audits and investigations relating to GSA programs and operations, and reviews and makes recommendations regarding existing and proposed legislation and regulations that may affect the agency. The OIG also is charged with keeping the GSA Administrator and the Congress fully and currently informed of problems in GSA programs and operations.

Through its programs and operations, the OIG supports GSA's overall mission to improve the effectiveness of the federal government by creating a high-quality work environment for its employees.

The OIG provides nationwide coverage of GSA programs and activities, and consist of:

  • The Office of Audits, an evaluative unit staffed with auditors and analysts who provide comprehensive coverage of GSA operations through program performance reviews, internal control assessments, and financial and mandated compliance audits. It also conducts external reviews in support of GSA contracting officials to ensure fair contract prices and adherence to contract terms and conditions. The office has added advisory and consulting services to its service offerings. The Fiscal Year 2005 Audit Plan is now available.

  • The Office of Investigations, an investigative unit that manages a nationwide program to prevent and detect illegal and/or improper activities involving GSA programs, operations, and personnel.

  • The Office of Counsel, an in-house legal staff that provides legal advice and assistance to all OIG components, represents the OIG in litigation arising out of or affecting OIG operations, and manages the OIG legislative/regulatory review functions.

  • The Internal Evaluation Staff, an in-house staff that plans and directs field office appraisals and conducts internal affairs reviews and investigations.

  • The Office of Administration, an in-house staff that provides information systems, budgetary, administrative, personnel, and communications services.

The OIG is headquartered in Washington, DC at the GSA Central Office building. Field audit and investigations offices are located in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Kansas City, Fort Worth, San Francisco, Auburn, WA, and Washington, DC.