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The following articles, developed by members of the NDEP's Diabetes in Children and Adolescents Work Group, have appeared in School Nurse News. Provided for posting on the NDEP website compliments of School Nurse News, the articles offer in-depth information for school nurses on a variety of topics related to helping students manage their diabetes in the school setting. You are welcome to reproduce and distribute the articles to school staff, parents, and students with diabetes. In any use, please note that the article was originally published in School Nurse News in partnership with the National Diabetes Education Program.


Transition of Diabetes Care from Pediatrics to Adulthood (January 2008)
Html version
Print version (PDF* 142k)

When Your Child Is Diagnosed with Diabetes: Parents’ Questions for the Healthcare Team (November 2007)
Html version
Print version (PDF* 159k)

The Need to Prevent Nicotine Addiction and Diabetes in Our Youth (September 2007)
Html version
Print version (PDF* 52k)

Current Clinical Research on Type 2 Diabetes and Its Prevention in Youth (May 2007)
Html version
Print version (PDF* 137k)

Guidelines for Insulin Management of Diabetes in School (March 2007)
Html version
Print version (PDF* 321k)

Update on Insulin Pump Therapy (January 2007)
Html version
Print version (PDF* 254k)

Real World Meal Planning Strategies for Children and Adolescents with Diabetes (November 2006)
Html version
Print version (PDF* 102k)

Comorbidities Associated with Type 1 Diabetes (September 2006)
Html version
Print version (PDF* 1.2MB)

Hyperglycemia and Sick Day Management in Students with Diabetes (January 2006)
Print version (PDF* 89k)

Diabetes Research Concerning Children (March 2006)
Print version (PDF* 80k)

Diabetes, Cognitive Function, and School Performance (May 2006)
Print version (PDF* 466k)

Managing Hypoglycemia in the School Setting (November 2005)
Print version (PDF* 521k)

Understanding Emotional and Psychological Considerations of Children with Diabetes:  Tips for School Nurses (May 2005)
Print Version (PDF* 145k)

Managing Insulin Requirements at School (March 2005)
Print Version (PDF* 114k)

Nutrition Management Tools and Techniques for Working with Students with Diabetes (January 2005)
Print Version (PDF* 121k)

Federal Laws and Diabetes Management at School (November 2004)
Print Version (PDF* 51k)

Developing Diabetes Training Programs for School Personnel (September 2004)
Print Version (PDF* 353k)

Diabetes and Physical Activity at School (May 2004)
Print Version (PDF* 103k)

Update on Insulin Pump Therapy (March 2004)
Print Version (PDF* 44k)

Medical Management Needs of Children with Diabetes at School (November 2003)
Print Version (PDF* 54k)


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