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   September 17, 2008
Healthcare 411 Feature
Women - Stay Healthy at Any Age
A new AHRQ brochure explains which tests and counseling services most women need based on their age and risk factors.
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Director's Corner
Dr. Carolyn Clancy, MD
Helpful Steps To Take After You Get a Diagnosis
AHRQ has developed a guide to help you find information and support after you receive a difficult diagnosis.
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Program Topics
Listin to an AHRQ message playing at a store near you.
411 Highlights
411 HighlightsLead Story: Hospitalizations on the Rise for Kids with Skin Infections
Hospitalizations are soaring for kids with skin infections. Researchers believe it may be due to antibiotic resistance.
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411 HighlightsHow to Deal with a Difficult Diagnosis
Being told that you have a new diagnosis can be a frightening experience. Learn how you can make better decisions about your health care options.
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411 HighlightsRising Obesity Rates
A new AHRQ study shows nearly 90 percent of American adults will be overweight or obese by the year 2030.
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