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Linda M. Springer


Report on Senior Executive Service Pay for Performance for Fiscal Year 2005

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This report reflects the second year of measuring the achievements of Federal executives in the Senior Executive Service under modernized performance management systems.  Agencies have invested great effort in these new systems and are seeing results from a compensation system that is more performance sensitive.  The data indicate that Federal agencies are taking seriously the requirement to develop rigorous appraisal systems and to make meaningful distinctions in performance ratings and pay.  In this regard, reporting agencies shifted to appraisal systems with at least one level above fully successful and away from pass/fail systems.  In addition, agencies approved differing amounts and numbers of awards, reflecting their diversity of mission, funding and accomplishment.     

We expect the 2006 rating cycle to continue improvement in holding senior executives accountable for achieving results, and rating and rewarding them accordingly.  Should you have questions about this report, please contact the Center for Leadership and Executive Resources Policy at 202-606-8046.


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