Star Sleeper Homepage (Screen Reader Version)

Welcome to this special home page of the Garfield Star Sleeper Web site. It was developed to make sure that people who use screen readers can help Garfield solve Mission Z and play his other games.

You can use this page to go anywhere on the Star Sleeper Web site – to special screen reader versions of Mission Z and the other games, as well as to information for parents, teachers, and pediatricians. You also can come directly back here from the games and all the other pages on the Web site. So set your bookmark here.

All versions of the games require Flash Player Version 6. If you don't have it already, you can download Flash Player 6 for free.

Lastly, Garfield created the special screen reader versions of the games to make sure that all kids who use screen readers can play them. He asked some kids at a school for the blind to try the games, and their Adaptive Technology Instructor told him that the kids enjoyed the games and increased their computer skills by playing them. He also tried the games on some popular screen readers, and they worked, but he is still trying to make them easier to play on all screen readers.

If you have any ideas about how to make them easier to play – or any problems with them – please let Garfield know by contacting the NHLBI Accessibility Coordinator. (If you are under age 13, please ask your parent or guardian to do this.)

Now, enjoy the Star Sleeper Web site and please come back and visit again soon to see what is new.

Garfield and the National Center on Sleep Disorders Research at the NHLBI have teamed up to bring you this site.


Mission Z Screen Reader Version

Sheep Shot Screen Reader Version

Comic Creator Screen Reader Version


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