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Representing Claimants
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Representing Social Security Claimants

Information About Representation

Overview of Representatives' Fees
Fee Petitions
Fee Agreements
Model Fee Agreement
Fees For Representation in Proceedings Before A Court
Representative Conduct
Federal Regulations on Representation
SSA's Demonstration Project for Direct Payment to Eligible Non-Attorneys
Registration Requirements for Representatives to Receive Direct Payment of Approved Fees and Forms 1099-MISC

News Update

bullet  The 2009 Application Period for the Direct Payment Demonstration Project Opens February 2, 2009 and Closes March 16, 2009.

bullet   Attorneys and Non-attorney Participants in the Direct Payment Demonstration Project Must Register to Continue to Receive Direct Fee Payment

A claimant may appoint a qualified individual to represent him or her in doing business with Social Security. If the claimant appoints a representative, the representative cannot charge or collect a fee for those services without first getting written approval from the Social Security Administration, even if the claim is denied. To get this approval, the representative must use one of Social Security's fee authorization processes.

Overview of attorney fee processes Go here for an overview of Social Security's Fee authorization processes

Appointment of Representative (Form SSA-1696-U4)
Identifying Information for Possible Direct Payment of Authorized Fees (Form SSA-1695)
Petition to Obtain Approval of Fees (Form SSA-1560-U4)
Request for Appointed Representative's Direct Payment Information (Form SSA-1699)
Request for Business Entity Taxpayer Information (Form SSA-1694)

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  Fee Payment

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