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SSA needs the help of qualified organizations to serve as representative payees. Organizational representative payees can include social service agencies, institutions, and state or local government agencies.

While most people receive their Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments directly, some need assistance in managing their benefits. Payments to these individuals are paid through a representative payee who receives the check on behalf of the beneficiary and provides for their personal needs.

For many beneficiaries, a family member or friend serves as the payee. But for a growing number of individuals, no one is available to fill this role. In an effort to ensure that beneficiaries who are unable to handle their own benefits have qualified representative payees to act in this capacity, SSA is recruiting organizations that already provide some case management services, spiritual guidance or community assistance.

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For organizations and agencies that may be interested in pursuing payee programs, SSA has produced a video, "The Difference is You!" For a copy of the video or for more information on the representative payment program, please Email your request to SSA. Please include your name, the name of your organization, mailing address, and Email address with your request.

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