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Linda M. Springer


2007: Year of the HealthierFed, The HealthierFeds Challenge Awards Employee Health and Fitness Month, May 2007

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Each May, workplaces all over the Nation celebrate Employee Health and Fitness Month, an event that cascades from National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. In his Proclamation for National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, President George W. Bush urged children, teens, and all Americans to make time every day for exercise and to encourage family, friends, and neighbors to live healthier lives by participating in physical fitness activities. You may view the President's proclamation on the White House website at

As part of the HealthierFeds campaign (, the Office of Personnel Management partnered with The President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports challenging Federal agencies to compete in The HealthierFeds Physical Activity Challenge ("The Challenge"). "The Challenge" ended April 1, 2007 and we are proud to announce the following results:

  • Highest Number of Employees Completing "The Challenge":

1st Place- The Department of Homeland Security

2nd Place- The Department of Veterans Affairs

3rd Place- The Department of Health and Human Services

  • Highest Percentage of Employees Completing "The Challenge":

Large Agency

1st Place- The Office of Personnel Management

2nd Place- The Department of State

3rd Place- The National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Medium Agency

1st Place- The Farm Credit Administration

2nd Place- The Railroad Retirement Board

3rd Place- (Tie) The Executive Office of the President & The National Labor Relations Board

Small Agency

1st Place- Chemical Safety & Hazard Investigation Board

Total Participation in "The Challenge" numbered nearly 40,000 and included employees from more than fifty Federal agencies, retirees and family members. We applaud all who joined "The Challenge!"

"The Challenge" between Federal agencies has ended. However, challenge participants are encouraged to continue using the account they created to log physical activity and to invite coworkers, family and friends to create and use accounts.

The benefits of physical activity are immeasurable and can enhance an individual's quality of life in countless ways. By calling attention to the importance of being physically active, we can help Federal employees achieve an essential step in enjoying greater health. Our mission is to ensure the Federal Government has an effective civilian workforce
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