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States and Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) areas are required to maintain a Homeland Security Strategy. The purpose of the Homeland Security Strategy is to:

  • Provide a blueprint for comprehensive, enterprise-wide planning for homeland security efforts; and
  • Provide a strategic plan for the use of related federal, state, local, and private resources within the state and/or Urban Area before, during, and after threatened or actual domestic terrorist attacks, major disasters, and other emergencies.

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In 1999, states completed a homeland security assessment to identify domestic preparedness needs. In 2003, states and Urban Areas participated in an assessment process that reflected post-9/11 threats and vulnerabilities. This second process enabled states and Urban Areas to refine and further develop their Homeland Security Strategies.

G&T is working with representatives of federal, state, local, and tribal governments, non-governmental organizations, and academia to create and pilot a state and local Homeland Security Preparedness Assessment based on the Target Capabilities List developed in conjunction with the National Preparedness Goal.


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