Frequently Asked Questions

Doing Business with USFA

How do I do business with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)/USFA?
For information on contracting opportunities, marketing to DHS, small business opportunities, and active contracts, please see the Department of Homeland Security's Web site.
How do I become a contract instructor for the National Fire Academy?
Please see the NFA Contract Instructor page.
I have a new product/idea that I would like to tell you about - who do I contact?
Please see Working with DHS - Unsolicited Proposals.


Are training classes free?
Yes. All courses offered by the National Fire Academy (NFA) are free of charge. More information
Where can I find the application (FEMA Form 75-5) to apply for a training course?
Application forms may be downloaded here.
How do I purchase course materials?
NFA courses are not available for purchase. However, selected NFA course materials are available for locally sponsored delivery through your State Training Office. More information may be found here.
How do I get a copy of my transcript?
Upon written request from the student, the NETC Office of Admissions will provide transcripts to students and educational institutions at no cost to the student. Please see Transcripts.
Do you offer self-study courses?
Yes. Please see Self- (Independent) Study
The ICS CD-ROMs won't load on my computer - what do I do?
Please call (301) 447-1089 for assistance.
How many Continuing Education Units (CEU) do I get for completing a course?
Please refer to our Online Training Catalog. Enter the course code or title of the course for a complete description, including CEU and ACE information.
I want to be a firefighter - what do I do?
Training, education and other requirements for firefighters vary from state to state and from locality to locality. If you want to become a career firefighter, the bestthing to do is to contact the fire department's personnel office to find out what the employment requirements are.
If you want to become a volunteer firefighter within your community, schedule an appointment with the Chief of the department or a designated officer to talk about the requirements. Additional information on the volunteer fire service may be found on the National Volunteer Fire Council's Web site.

Hotel-Motel National Master List

Is my property on the list?
If you are not sure, please try searching the list before registering your property. The best way to search is to enter your property's zip code (only) for the search criteria.
How do I register my property for the list?
You may register online or download an application form here.
What is an EIN number?
EIN stands for Employer Identification Number. An EIN is issued to a business by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and is also known as a federal tax identification number. For more information on EIN's and how to obtain one, please visit the IRS Web site.
How do I change my property's information?
If your property's EIN is registered with us, you may change your property's information online here. If your EIN is not registered with us, please send an e-mail with the changes required to Please include your EIN so you may update your listing online in the future.
I can't find a property - what do I do?
Property Managers and Federal travelers requiring assistance in locating a property may send an e-mail to or call (301) 447-1358.
For additional FAQ's on the Hotel-Motel National Master List, please visit this page.


What grants are available?
Please visit Grants and Funding.
For questions related to the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program (AFGP), please visit the FAQs page on the AFGP Web site.


Are publications free?
Yes, all USFA publications are free of charge.
Can I reproduce them locally?
USFA publications are in the public domain and may be reproduced locally, with one exception: the Sesame Street Fire Safety Station kit. The only portion of this kit that may be reproduced locally is Color and Learn. All other kit components are copyrighted and may not be reproduced.
Why are there order quantity limits on publications?
Due to limited printing resources, USFA can only offer so many publications free of charge to each customer. In order to provide as many fire departments, schools and other organizations with copies of our publications, we must limit the number of free copies that we provide. Publications are in the public domain (see above) and may be reproduced locally.
I lost my password - who do I contact?
Please visit this page to request your password through e-mail. You may also send an e-mail to the Publications Center at or call (800) 561-3356.
I can't register for an account because someone at my mailing address already has one - what do I do?
Please call the Publications Center at (800) 561-3356 to place your order.

Home Fire Safety

Where can I order Tot Finder stickers?
USFA does not distribute Tot Finder stickers for these reasons:
One, there is no assurance that during a fire evacuation, a child will be in the room where the sticker is posted;Two, many fire departments do not have the capability to keep current information on residences that have Tot Finder stickers nor do many families alert the fire department if they have moved; and, Three, individuals in some areas do not like to identify rooms where a child may be located because of the fear that someone may be able to more easily victimize a child.
If you would like to purchase Tot Finder stickers, you may do so through this Web site:
Does USFA offer free smoke alarms (detectors)?
No, we do not. Please try contacting your local fire department to see if the department or another organization in your community is able to offer assistance. If you need help installing your smoke alarm, a member of the fire department will help you.
What do I do after a fire in my home? How do I get help if I don't have insurance?
Please order/download the free USFA publication below:

About PDF


A product in my home was involved in / caused a fire. Who do I report this to?
Safety issues related to consumer products may be reported to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.


I want to help fight Wildland fires - who do I contact?
Please see the National Interagency Fire Center's Web site.
I have an idea about how to extinguish wildfires - who do I contact?
You may contact the National Interagency Fire Center at 208-387-5512. Please remember that the Center receives numerous calls during wildfire season related to ideas about extinguishing fires and may not be able to respond to your suggestion immediately. For more information on the Center's science and technology programs, including programs for which you may submit proposals, please see the Center's Web site.


What jobs are available with your Agency?
Please visit our Jobs Page.
Can USFA send staff to speak at my event / conference?
Requests for USFA's participation in your organization's event may be e-mailed to Tim Ganley. As much as we enjoy bringing our fire safety message to events across the country, budgetary constraints force us to limit our travel to local events. If we are unable to attend your event, we hope that you understand why and trust that the free materials we offer through our Publications Center will be of some assistance to you.
Is information on your Web site copyrighted?
Most of the information on the USFA Web site is in the public domain. In instances where this isn't the case, information related to copyright or ownership is provided. To use that information, you will need to contact the owner. If you have a question related to copyright or ownership, please send an e-mail to and include the URL of the Web page for which you need verification.
Can I use/reproduce information that I find on your Web site?
Yes, provided the information is not copyrighted or attributed to another organization.
Can I link to your Web site?
Yes. Please send an e-mail to to let us know you have done so.
I would like for USFA to link to my Web site - who do I ask?
Please see our linking policy.
Does USFA have a patch that you can send to me?
Unfortunately, we do not. USFA is an office within the Federal government and not a fire department, so a patch is something we have not created.

FEMA/disaster-related questions