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Working Together To Manage Diabetes: A guide for Pharmacy, Podiatry, Optometry, and Dental professionals


I can control my diabetes
working with my health care team!

Image of an old lady talking to a pharmacist

I will team up with my pharmacist

  • I will make a list of all of my medicines, their strengths, and how I take them including vitamins, herbals and home remedies.
  • I will review this list with my pharmacist once a year and every time it changes.
  • I will ask my pharmacist how to use my medicines and supplies to get the best results at the lowest cost.

I will team up with my doctor or foot care provider

  • I will ask for a complete foot exam every year and a foot check every visit.
  • I will ask how to check my feet myself every day.
  • I will ask what to do if I have foot problems.
  • I will ask for help in finding the right footwear for me.
Image of a doctor checking patient's feet

Image of an optometrist performing eye exam

I will team up with my eye care provider

  • Each year, I will request a complete eye exam with dilated pupils.
  • I will ask for an eyeglasses check to make sure they are the best for my needs.
  • I will ask how good control of my blood sugar can protect my vision.
  • I will ask what to do if I have vision changes.

I will team up with my dental provider

  • I will visit my dental care provider once a year for a complete mouth exam.
  • I will ask how to brush my teeth and use dental floss.
  • I will ask about the early warning signs of tooth, mouth and gum problems.
  • I will ask about the link between blood glucose control and gum disease.
Image of a dentist examing patient's mouth

If you smoke, quit! Tobacco use increases diabetes eye, foot, kidney and gum disease.

To quit call: 1-800 QUIT-NOW (1-800 784-8669)

Free Call, Free Quit Coach, Free Quit Plan

For free information on diabetes prevention and control call the National Diabetes Education Program 1 (800) 438-5383 or visit www.ndep.nih.gov

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