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Content Section

Practice Administration Center

  • Medicare Part B Drug Competitive Acquisition Program Workshops are available
  • Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI) information
Medicare Learning Network (MLN) Spotlights

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Important Links

Billing / Payment
  • Physician Fee Schedule
  • Physician Fee Schedule Look-up Tool
  • Sustainable Growth Rate: For Medicare Payments to Physicians
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Information

Policies and Regulations
  • Quarterly Provider Update
  • Physician Fee Schedule
  • Physicians Regulatory Issues Team (PRIT)

Medicare Fee-for-Service Part B Drugs
  • Competitive Acquisition Program for Part B Drugs & Biologicals
  • Historical Part B Drug Pricing Files
  • Medicare Part B Drugs Average Sales Price

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Information for Providers

Medicare Modernization Act
  • Medicare Health Support Program (formerly Chronic Care Improvement Program)
  • Medicare Modernization Update

Medicare Secondary Payer
  • Medicare Secondary Payer and You
  • Medicare Coordination of Benefits
  • Medicare Learning Network (MLN)
  • MLN Educational Web Guides
  • MLN Matters Articles (Search)
  • MLN Products 
  • Press Releases: CMS Media Release Search

CMS Manuals & Transmittals
  • CMS Manuals
  • Internet-Only Manuals
  • Transmittals
  • To receive changes to the CMS Quarterly Provider Update, subscribe to the CMS-QPU Listserv from the CMS Mailing Lists Page.

  • Contact Your Carrier/FI
    via Toll-Free Numbers and Websites -- A listing of the toll-free numbers that CMS has installed at Medicare FFS contractor sites.
  • Quality Improvement Organizations (QIO)
  • CMS Regional Offices
  • Contacting the Coordination of Benefits Contractors  (COBC)

How to Stay Informed
  • Physicians Open Door Forum
  • Open Door Forums: Groups of Interest to those Individuals and Entities who Interact Regularly with CMS
  • Press Releases: CMS Media Release Search
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)


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