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Identifiable Data Files

Standard Analytical Files

These files are available by type of claim. Subject to privacy release approval, you may order 5% sample files for each claim type. The 5% sample is created based on selecting records with 05, 20, 45, 70 or 95 in positions 8 and 9 of the Health Insurance Claim (HIC) number. You may request extracts from the 100% data based on beneficiary identification number, state of residence, diagnosis code, provider type or location. Please see the Data Use Checklist for all options. The term 'providers' is used universally to refer to physicians, as well as, institutions.

These files contain final action claims data in which all adjustments have been resolved. Files are scheduled to be released in late November.

Media: DVD or Hard Drive
Available: 1991 through 2006

Browse the Data Dictionaries in the Downloads area below.

All requests for identifiable data must be developed and reviewed with the assistance of the Research Data Assistance Center (ResDAC), who may be contacted at www.resdac.umn.edu or at resdac@umn.edu.

Once your data request has been reviewed by ResDAC, the final request can be sent to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) as directed by ResDAC.


a. Durable Medical Equipment [PDF, 175KB]

b. Home Health Agency [PDF, 228KB]

c. Hospice [PDF, 228KB]

d. Inpatient [PDF, 288KB]

e. Outpatient [PDF, 238KB]

f. Physician/Supplier Part B - Carrier File [PDF, 189KB]

g. Skilled Nursing Facility [PDF, 288KB]
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