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Term Definition

The amount you must pay for health care or prescriptions, before Original Medicare, your Medicare drug plan, your Medicare Health Plan, or your other insurance begins to pay. For example, in Original Medicare, you pay a new deductible for each benefit period for Part A, and each year for Part B. These amounts can change every year.

Demonstration/Pilot Program

Special projects that test improvements in Medicare coverage, payment, and quality of care. Some follow Medicare Advantage rules, but others don't. Demonstrations are usually for a specific group of people and/or are offered only in specific areas. There are also pilot programs for people with multiple chronic illnesses designed to reduce health risks, improve quality of life, and provide savings.


Ending your health care and/or prescription drug coverage with a health plan or drug plan.

*NOTE: An asterisk (*) after a term means that this definition, in whole or in part, is used with permission from Walter Feldesman, ESQ., Dictionary of Eldercare Terminology, Copyright 2000.

This glossary explains terms in the Medicare program, but it is not a legal document. The official Medicare program provisions are found in the relevant laws, regulations,and rulings.