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Director, Executive Secretariat and Information Management
Deborah W. Neve

Director, Executive Secretariat and Information Management, Deborah W. Neve Deborah W. Neve is the Director, Executive Secretariat and Information Management for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). As director, Ms. Neve ensures appropriate and expeditious action on all requests for information, executive correspondence and official memoranda addressed to the assistant secretary and other ICE and DHS senior officials. Her office manages and maintains the official archives of the assistant secretary, as well as performs writing and editorial services for responses designated for senior ICE and DHS officials.

Prior to accepting the position of director, Ms. Neve was a manager at Z-Tech, an ICF company). She managed logistics and services contracts related to documentation, meetings, conferences and training under both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) National Institute of Drug Abuse programs.  Additionally, she created and reviewed documents such as budgets, status reports, plans, policies and procedures for senior-level and top management officials.

Preceding her role as Training and Logistics Manager, Ms. Neve was project manager and lead editor. Among her many duties, Ms. Neve identified best practices to create procedures, style sheets and guidelines that enabled her team to consistently produce high-quality documentation that was clearly written and adhered to organizational policies and in-house styles. She tracked in-progress documentation and maintained version control. In addition, she wrote and edited technical documentation submitted to senior-level government officials.

With over 17 years of work experience, Ms. Neve has a technical writing background that is deeply grounded in information management. For most of her career, Ms. Neve has been a technical writer and editor. In that capacity, she not only wrote and edited technical documents for the federal government but also reviewed information for accuracy and completeness as well as established procedures to ensure proper management of information.

Ms. Neve earned a bachelor’s degree at Purdue University.

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