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  • Assistant Secretary, Julie L. Myers (Read Bio)
    • Chief of Staff, Nicholas J. Smith (Read Bio)
    • Director, GAO/OIG Audit Liaison Office, Robert DeAntonio
    • Director, Executive Secretariat and Information Management, Deborah Neve (Read Bio)
    • Principal Legal Advisor, Michael Neifach (Read Bio)
    • Director, Office of Policy, Susan Cullen (Read Bio)
    • Director, Office of Professional Responsibility, William F. Reid (Read Bio)
    • Director, Office of Congressional Relations, Jamie Zuieback (Read Bio)
    • Executive Director, Office of State and Local Coordination, James Pendergraph (Read Bio)
    • Director, Office of Public Affairs, Wendy Burrell (Read Bio)
    • Privacy Officer, Lyn Rahilly (Read Bio)
    • Director, Office of Equal Employment Opportunity, Deborah Lewis
    • Deputy Assistant Secretary for Operations, John P. Torres (Read Bio)
      • Acting Director, Office of Detention and Removal (DRO), James T. Hayes, Jr. (Read Bio)
      • Director, Office of Investigations, Marcy Forman (Read Bio)
      • Acting Director, Office of International Affairs, Raymond R. Parmer (Read Bio)
      • Director, Federal Protective Service (FPS), Gary W. Schenkel (Read Bio)
      • Director, Office of Intelligence, Susan E. Lane (Read Bio)
      • Director, National Firearms and Tactical Training Unit, Bert Medina (Read Bio)
    • Deputy Assistant Secretary for Management, Theresa Bertucci (Read Bio)
      • Chief Financial Officer, Alex S. Keenan (Read Bio)
      • Director, Office of Training and Development, Charles N. DeVita (Read Bio)
      • Chief Information Officer, Luke McCormack (Read Bio)
      • Director, Office of Human Capital, Rob Parsons (Read Bio)
      • Director, Acquisition Management, Ashley Lewis (Read Bio)
      • Director, Office of Freedom of Information Act, Catrina Pavlik-Keenan (Read Bio)

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