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Walk on the Wild Side:
Explore Your Public Lands

Did you know that there are millions of acres of land in this country that belong to you? 223 million hectares (550 million acres), to be more specific. This land is not owned by any individual or company. Instead, it's Federal land and it's owned by the American people . . . and that means you!

We developed a booklet of amazing facts and activities about America's Public Lands. Each page describes something about the land, or what you can do to protect it. Each page also has an activity that you can do on your own to learn more about Public Lands--perfect for when you're stuck in the back seat of the minivan on the way to a National Monument!

We have made available the pages and activities of Walk on the Wild Side for you to download and print out. They are in "PDF" form, which means you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to see them. To get the Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here.

Good luck--and don't check the answers until you are ready.


To Teachers and Parents

America's Public Lands
Activity: Map Talk

What Can You See?
Activity: I Spy Scramble

What Can You Do?
Activity: Just Imagine

Silent Invaders (Weeds)
Activity:Where's Weedo?

Burning Point (Wildfires)
Activity: Little House Near the Wildlands

On the Edge
Activity: Down by the Riverside

Forest Keepers (Wildlife)
Activity: Finding Forest Friends

Creature Feature (Wildlife)
Activity: Habitat Match-up

Horsing Around (Wild Horses and Burros)
Activity: Mustang Roundup

Riches from the Earth (Minerals)
Activity: Minerals Match

Secret Chambers (Caves)
Activity: Cave Pictionary

Paleopuzzles (Dinosaurs)
Activity: Boneyard Mystery

Time Travel (Archaeology)
Activity: The Past: Can You Dig It?

The Big Squeeze (Using Public Lands)
Activity: Climbing the Chart

The Big Picture (Watersheds)
Activity: Making Connections

Help Wanted (Careers in Public Lands)
Activity: Career Fair

Doing Your Part (Ethics)
Activity: Leave No Trace

Answers to Activity Pages.

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