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Why do I need an account?

All publications customers are required to register with us if ordering online. Because our publications are free of charge, we need to track the amount of publications that are ordered by each customer on a yearly basis. USFA has defined order quantity limits that are built into the Online Catalog. If you exceed the quantity limit for a publication, the application will tell you and make any necessary adjustments to your shopping cart. Order quantity limits enable us to maintain sufficient stock that allows us to reach as many people as possible while continuing to offer publications free of charge. USFA publications are in the public domain and may be reproduced locally.

Our Online Catalog uses a session "cookie" to keep track of your customer information and the publications you add to your shopping cart. The only information collected is related to the publication order and this information is not retained once the order is sent. Please be assured that USFA's use of cookie technology is NOT a covert attempt to either collect or analyze information on Internet users.

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If you would prefer not to register with us, you may browse our Catalog without registering to download publications. You may also request hard copies by calling our Publications Center at (800) 561-3356.