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MEDLINE®/PubMed® Language Table

This table provides the language codes (and translations) used by MEDLINE/PubMed (including OLDMEDLINE). Language codes and translations are taken from the MARC Code List for Languages prepared by the Library of Congress Network Development and MARC Standards Office.

afr Afrikaans
alb Albanian
amh* Amharic
ara Arabic
arm Armenian
aze** Azerbaijani
ben* Bengali
bos Bosnian
bul Bulgarian
cat Catalan
chi Chinese
cze Czech
dan Danish
dut Dutch
eng English
epo Esperanto
est Estonian
fin Finnish
fre French
geo Georgian
ger German
gla Scottish Gaelic
gre Greek, Modern
heb Hebrew
hin Hindi
hun Hungarian
ice Icelandic
ind Indonesian
ita Italian
jpn Japanese
kin Kinyarwanda
kor Korean
lat Latin
lav Latvian
lit Lithuanian
mac Macedonian
mal** Malayalam
mao Maori
may Malay
mul Multiple languages
nor Norwegian
per Persian
pol Polish
por Portuguese
pus** Pushto
rum Romanian, Rumanian
rus Russian
san Sanskrit
scc Serbian
scr Croatian
slo Slovak
slv Slovenian
spa Spanish
swe Swedish
tha Thai
tur Turkish
ukr Ukrainian
und Undetermined
urd* Urdu
vie** Vietnamese
wel* Welsh

* Does not occur on any distributed citations yet.

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Last reviewed: 17 April 2008
Last updated: 09 November 2006
First published: 01 January 2002
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