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Image of Salud BannerSalud para su Corazón (For the Health of Your Heart) is an exciting new and comprehensive community-based heart-health promotion initiative from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. It targets Latinos living in the United States. The project raises awareness of the risk factors and promotes lifestyle changes to reduce the chances of developing heart disease.

Why was Salud para su Corazón established?

The Latino population is a very young and rapidly growing segment of our society. However, despite this younger age, the leading cause of death among Latinos is heart disease. Latinos are also generally unaware of important lifestyle changes that could help prevent heart disease. This knowledge gap transcends socioeconomic status.

The initiative began in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Community leaders, through the Community Alliance Working for Heart Health, carried out the activities using culturally sensitive strategies and educational materials.

Salud para su Corazón offers many educational materials in English and Spanish for the general public and community health planners.

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