National Fire Data Center


Operate the National Fire Data Center for the collection, analysis, publication, dissemination and marketing of information related to the Nation's fire problem and USFA programs. Manage USFA research efforts in fire detection, prevention, suppression and first responder health, safety and effectiveness.


  1. Coordinate and effect the collection, analysis, and dissemination of information about fire and other emergency incidents involving fire department response.
  2. Manage the National Fire Incident Reporting System, Hotel-Motel National Master List, and other National databases containing fire and hazardous materials information.
  3. Coordinate fire service issues with other FEMA directorates and offices and with other Government agencies, National fire organizations and allied professions.
  4. Review and authorize reimbursement to local fire services for firefighting on Federal property.
  5. Administer the Learning Resource Center, which provides library and information services to students, staff, and faculty at NETC; and provide reference services to the Nation's fire and emergency management communities.
  6. Encourage and assist State, local and other agencies, public and private, in developing standardized reporting methods and in reporting information.
  7. Create, maintain and disseminate to the public, students, staff and faculty at NETC, operational, technical, educational and marketing information in a variety of formats through administration of the USFA Publications Center, USFA World Wide Web site, and USFA Media Center.
  8. Manage the research, development and application of projects and investigation of technology for fire detection, prevention, rescue and suppression; as well as technology, equipment and strategies to improve firefighter and first responder health, safety, and effectiveness.
  9. Plan and coordinate USFA participation in conferences, shows and exhibits.