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Actuarial Information

The Office of the Actuary prepares reports on the financial outlook of Social Security and historical data on numbers of beneficiaries and average benefits.  

Advisory Board

The Social Security Advisory Board is an independent, bipartisan Board created by Congress and appointed by the President and the Congress to advise the President, the Congress, and the Commissioner of Social Security on matters related to the Social Security and Supplemental Security Income programs.  


Information on how to appeal a decision from Social Security

Frequently Asked Questions About SSA's Appeals process

Applying for Benefits


Applying for a Social Security Number

How to Apply For a Replacement Social Security Card


Baby Names

See the most popular given names by gender and year of birth . What are the most popular names given to newborns?



Budget Documents


Change of Address

Frequently Asked Questions about Changing Your Address


Schedule of Payments  

Commissioner of Social Security

The Commissioner of the Social Security Administration is  Michael J. Astrue.


Computing Your Benefit


Congressional Testimony

Congressional Testimony -- Testimony before Congress by SSA officials


Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA)




Direct Deposit of Benefits

A complete guide to the direct deposit of your monthly benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions About Direct Deposit

Disability Information


Electronic Wage Filing


Employer Information

Frequently Asked Questions for Employers

Employment at SSA

SSA Employment Opportunities
The kinds of positions that SSA usually recruits for, the current job openings, employment office addresses and phone numbers, and how to apply for positions; resources are also included for:
  • veterans
  • people with disabilities
  • students and college graduates
  • bilingual-bicultural applicants

Equal Opportunity Data

Equal Employment Opportunity Data Posted Pursuant to the No Fear Act  


Social Security Publications in Spanish


Fax Catalog

FAX Catalog -- Publications by FAX



General Feedback on Social Security Online After searching a Frequently Asked Question database, you ask your question or leave your comment.


Financing Social Security

The Trustees Report--Financial Outlook for Social Security  


Social Security Forms - Common forms that you need to do business with SSA. This page lists the forms or you can search the forms database.

If you need a form that is not currently available for download, you should call 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) to request the form.

Find your form using the Form Search Tool:




Freedom of Information (FOIA)


Frequently Asked Questions



Glossary of Social Security Terms



The Social Security Handbook -- A comprehensive guide to all of Social Security`s benefit programs


Hearings and Appeals

Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR)


History of SSA

History — A multimedia history of Social Security  

Identity Theft

Identity Theft And Your Social Security Number Frequently Asked Questions on Protecting Your SSN


A special page for recent immigrants to America.  

Inspector General


International Programs and Benefits

Office of International Programs  

Kid`s Pages


Law and Legislation


Local Offices



Frequently Asked Questions on Medicare

Multilanguage Page

Social Security Information in 15 languages.  

Other Sites Of Interest

Other Government Sites of Interest to Social Security Online Users

Other SSA Sites -- How We are Organized


Password Services

Social Security offers password services. Choose from the options below:


Planning Documents

Operational Finances -- SSA`s Performance and Accountability Report  

Office of Policy

The Office of Policy serves as the Social Security Administration's focal point for policy analysis and research, evaluation, and statistics.

Learn more about the Office of Policy.


Program Operations Manual System (POMS)

POMS - The internal operating instructions used by SSA field employees when processing claims for Social Security benefits.    

Press Releases

Social Security Administration Press Releases  

Prisoner Issues

Questions and answers concerning payment of benefits to prisoners  

Privacy Policy

Social Security Online Privacy Policy  


How do I request bulk orders of SSA's publications?

Regional Offices

Visit one of our Regional Home Pages -- All ten regions have pages highlighting regional initiatives and local public information resources.  



Rehabilitation Services

Employment Support for People with Disabilities  

Representing Clients

You will find information on fee agreements, fee petitions, and links to important information resources like the POMS and Social Security Handbook.  

Research and Statistics

The Office of Policy serves as the Social Security Administration's focal point for policy analysis and research, evaluation, and statistics.

Learn more about the Office of Policy.


Retirement Benefits



Rulings -- Complete Social Security Rulings, 1960-present  

School Officials

A Web site for school officials who certify attendance for students receiving Social Security benefits.  

Selling to SSA

Selling To SSA -- Office of Acquisitions and Grants home page  

Social Security Statement


Social Security Numbers

Frequently Asked Questions about Social Security Numbers

Social Security Number Verification System (SSNVS)

Verification of Names and Social Security Numbers  


Request an SSA Speaker  

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Publications on SSI  

Ticket To Work

Ticket to Work - A program to help disabled people return to work.  

Totalization Agreements with Other Countries


Trustees Reports

The Trustees Report--Financial Outlook for Social Security  

Vendor Payments

A service for vendors who do business with Social Security. The Office of Finance Vendor Payment Site provides vendors with detailed payment information, enrollment procedures for electronic payments, and contact information.  

Wage Reporting


Widow(er)`s Benefits

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