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Occupational Exposure and Worker Studies


The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) combines and integrates a broad base of skills and capabilities to collect, manage, interpret, analyze, and publish occupational exposure and worker studies data. 

Epidemiologic Research
ORISE provides the U.S. Department of Energy with both long-term and short-term studies of health problems at DOE facilities.
Data Collection and Surveillance
Because epidemiologic research depends heavily upon large numbers of research participants and even greater quantities of data, identifying required data and developing plans for collecting and organizing that data are essential to achieving accurate results and conclusions.

Not only is statistical analysis a significant process in support of epidemiologic research, it is also a significant stand-alone service providing independent analyses and reporting of client data.

Hazards Assessment
The hazards assessment section analyzes accumulated data to identify potential workplace hazards to which individuals or groups of workers may be exposed.

Information Technology
Information technology is an integral part of the epidemiologic research process, organizing research data into manageable databases that allow a variety of analytical approaches to the data. Additionally, ORISE is integrating Web-based and paperless information management into its processes and programs.

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Dr. Donna Cragle
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