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About Stay in Circulation

Peripheral arterial disease, or P.A.D., affects 8 to 12 million people in the United States, especially those over age 50.  Yet, few people know they have P.A.D. until it reaches advanced stages because often there are no warning signs.

To raise awareness about P.A.D., the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, in cooperation with the P.A.D. Coalition, is sponsoring the Stay in Circulation:  Take Steps to Learn About P.A.D. campaign.

Stay in Circulation is the first national awareness campaign to increase public and health care provider awareness of P.A.D. and its association with other cardiovascular diseases. The campaign elements include patient education materials in English and Spanish, a national and local media outreach program, and community events designed to raise awareness about P.A.D. Adults over age 50—especially African Americans—are at risk for P.A.D.

The risk for P.A.D. increases if you smoke or used to smoke; have diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol; or have a history of vascular disease, heart attack, or stroke.

Stepping up awareness of P.A.D. among the public and health care professionals will help keep Americans active and healthy so they can continue spending time with their families and friends and participating in the activities they enjoy.

Learn More About P.A.D.
To increase awareness about P.A.D., Stay in Circulation campaign materials including fact sheets, posters, and radio public service announcements are available.

Download campaign materials

Get Involved with the Campaign
Find out how you can stay in circulation.  The Community Action Tool Kit serves as a resource for campaign partners to support Stay in Circulation activities.

Download the Community Action Tool Kit