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Academies Offer Advice to Presidential Candidates on S&T Appointments

© flickr user absolutwade, Creative Commons Attrubution-No Derivative Works 2.0

Sep. 17 -- A new report from the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and Institute of Medicine offers guidance to John McCain and Barack Obama on making key science and technology appointments in the federal government after the election. The report lists approximately 80 high-level S&T appointees who will be crucial in advising the new president on issues that range from energy to economic growth.

Raymond and Beverly Sackler Establish USA-UK Scientific Forum

Dr. and Mrs. Sackler

Sep. 8 -- The National Academy of Sciences and the Royal Society have received a substantial gift from the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Foundation to endow a bilateral scientific forum that will hold conferences in both the United States and United Kingdom. Topics, participants, activities, and goals of the forum will be determined jointly.

Guidelines for Embryonic Stem Cell Research Amended

Oocyte Picture (NIH)

Sep. 5 -- The National Academies have updated their guidelines for the responsible conduct of research using human embryonic stem cells. These voluntary guidelines are based on a joint National Research Council-Institute of Medicine committee's review of scientific, ethical, and policy issues that have arisen since the guidelines were last updated in 2007.

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Physics Milestone: Large Hadron Collider Activated


Sep. 16 -- On Sept. 10 CERN -- the European Organization for Nuclear Research -- successfully steered a beam of particles around the world’s most powerful particle accelerator, which was built to help scientists resolve some key questions in particle physics and has the potential to revolutionize human understanding of the known universe. [more]

Fuel-Efficiency Ratings for Tires Proposed

Photo courtesy Flickr user Vagawi licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

Sep. 9 -- Congress has ordered the implementation by the end of 2009 of a national consumer information program whose goal will be to produce ratings on passenger tire fuel-efficiency, although regulations will not require tires to be labeled with the ratings. [more]

Women Should Follow Pregnancy Weight Guidelines More Closely

Pregnant woman. Public domain image taken by Petercantfail.

Aug. 28 -- A study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania Medical School and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia suggests that children of mothers who are obese or who gained excessive weight during pregnancy are more likely to be overweight. The findings in this study corroborate findings by Harvard Medical School published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology in April 2007, which observed the same results in children at age 3. [more]

Winners of National Medals of Science and Technology Announced

Aug. 26 -- President George W. Bush announced the recipients of the 2007 National Medals of Science and National Medals of Technology and Innovation, the nation’s highest honors for science and technology research. Many are members of the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, or Institute of Medicine. [more]

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