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Caring for whales, dolphins & the oceans.
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About Alaska and its culture.
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Created for the Bering Sea Ecosystem Management Project, to provide more opportunities for communication and information exchange about the Bering Sea and current research or management efforts.
Black Oystercatching Working Group
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Black Oystercatcher Working Group consists of researchers in Alaska, Canada, and the Pacific Northwest studying and conserving the Black oystercatcher (a vulnerable species of large, marine shorebird). The purpose of the is to facilitate the coordination of research activities at regional scales, to share information and ideas, and to promote the adoption of shared methodologies and analyses.
Canadian Coast Guard College operated discussion list
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Subscribe by sending a message to with the words SUBSCRIBE MARINE-L (first name, last name) in the body. Do not attach a signature and do not place anything in the SUBJECT line.
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A forum to discuss National and International Coastal Management issues. To subscribe send message to with the message "subscribe coastnet"
Dalhousie Oceanography NEwsgroup
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Subscribe to: news:bionet.biology.deepsea
For deep-sea marine biology, oceanography & geology research (Moderated)
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Fishing Forum
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Solid earth sciences.
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
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Marine Hydrodynamics
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Museum-Exhibits-Events-Calendar for Alaska
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Provides preview of exhibit openings, programs, youth activities and events in Alaska.
NASA's Earth Observation Systems (EOS)
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Ocean Drilling Program
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Ocean Drilling Program mailing list. You can send email to with "SUB ODP-L yourfullname" in the body of the letter.
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Put "SUBSCRIBE" in the subject line.
Satellite Navigation Systems
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About satellite navigation systems, especially GPS.

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