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Bolivian Aeromagnetic and Bouguer Gravity Anomaly Data

CD-ROM available from the National Geophysical Data Center
World Data Center for Geophysics & Marine Geology, Boulder

The National Geophysical Data Center is pleased to announce the availability of Bolivian Aeromagnetic and Gravity data from The Bolivian Altiplano and Cordillera Occidental on a write once CD-ROM.

About the Data:

As part of a two-year assessment of the geology and mineral resources of the Altiplano and Cordillera Occidental, Bolivia, aeromagnetic and gravity data were acquired from various sources and merged into digital data sets. The data were published as contour mapes (Plates 4 and 5 of Cady and Wise, 1992, USGS) in the final report of the study, USGS Bulletin 1975. The Bolivian Ministry of Mines and Metallurgy recently approved these data for release to the public.

In 1991 a new aeromagnetic survey was flown for the Servicio Geologico de Bolivia (GEOBOL) and the Bolivian Ministry of Mines and Metallurgy by BGM Airborne surveys, Inc. These data are also included on this CD-ROM.


Contents of this CD-ROM include 4 aeromagnetic track-line surveys and their coresponding format files, 8 magnetic grid files, 3 gravity point files, 1 gravity grid file and several documents describing the data.