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Pharmacy Practice Residency

Photo of Whiteriver Indian Health Service Hospital WHITERIVER INDIAN HEALTH SERVICE HOSPITAL
PO Box 860
Whiteriver, AZ 85941
Phone: (928) 338-3504
Fax: (928) 338-3510

Director of Pharmacy:
John Snow, Pharm.D.

Residency Program Director:
Eun Jeon, Pharm.D., BCPS

Type of training site:
Hospital and Ambulatory Care

ASHP accredited residency program

Whiteriver Indian Health Service Hospital primarily serves the White Mountain Apache Reservation in east central Arizona. The facility receives over 130,000 ambulatory care visits and 1,700 admissions annually providing comprehensive pharmacy services.

Purpose Statement:
The resident will be immersed in direct patient care in both the outpatient and inpatient pharmacy settings. He or she will be responsible for select patients enrolled in the pharmacy-run clinics such as anticoagulation and erythropoeitin clinics. As a member of the United States Public Health Service, the resident will be proactive in the area of health promotion and disease prevention by participating in multiple health fairs and poison prevention. This will allow the resident to be a confident and competent pharmaceutical care provider. As an integral member of the health care team, they will assure appropriateness of therapy and medication safety. The resident will also develop effective communication and presentation skills for educating professionals and patients. The resident will be able to implement and utilize administrative principles to enhance and/or initiate intra- departmental operations. He or she will be able to set goals, prioritize, evaluate performance, and be able to accept constructive criticism and guidance in an effort to facilitate personal growth and career success.

Rotational Experience opportunities:
Comprehensive clinical pharmacy services including pharmacy-based anticoagulation clinic, cardiovascular risk reduction clinic, erythropoietin clinic for chronic kidney disease, and dialysis center rounds. Experience also includes drug information, kinetics, administration, infectious disease, and inpatient.

Special features:
Since 1989, the Whiteriver Indian Health Service Hospital has had an established residency program. We are located in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona surrounded by lakes and pine trees and beautiful weather throughout the year. The residency program provides an excellent opportunity to develop and enhance clinical and management skills. Health promotion and disease prevention are major goals of the institution.


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